Spellbook Necklace #3, Tourmaline, Sterling Silver.

Spellbook Necklace #3, Tourmaline, Sterling Silver.

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Sterling silver spellbook with a tourmaline gemstone.

All photos have been taken during natural light. The colour of the stone changes depending on which way the stone is facing the viewer and light. 

18 inches sterling silver chain adjustable to 16 inches and the pendant measures approximately 1/2  inch tall and 1 3/4 inches wide. 



Sterling and Fine silver. 



-Keep away from harsh chemicals (such as perfumes, sprays and other cosmetics), as this can affect the metal, patina and stones.

-Avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight, as this can affect the stones colour.

-Refrain from showering, swimming, hand washing with jewelry. Store in a dry area, preferably in an airtight bag, as most cardboard jewelry boxes contain sulfur, which can tarnish the metal.

-Each order includes a polishing pad. When polishing, do not polish on blackened areas as this will remove the patina.