Dark Academia Book Shelf, Peridot-Tanzanite, Sterling silver.

Dark Academia Book Shelf, Peridot-Tanzanite, Sterling silver.

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Sterling silver gothic bookshelf arch, books, quill, potion bottles, lily of the valley, skulls with a Peridot and Tanzanite gemstones. 

Every piece of the design was hand drawn and then cut out by hand with a jewelers saw from a sheet of Sterling silver, which was then soldered together, sanded, patinated and then polished to a matte finish.

All photos have been taken during natural light.

The colour of the stones changes depending on which way the stones are facing the viewer and light. 

  • 18 inches sterling silver chain.
  • Pendant measures approximately 1.5 inch tall and around 1 inch wide. 



Sterling and Fine silver. 



-Keep away from harsh chemicals (such as perfumes, sprays and other cosmetics), as this can affect the metal, patina and stones.

-Avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight, as this can affect the stones colour.

-Refrain from showering, swimming, hand washing with jewelry. Store in a dry area, preferably in an airtight bag, as most cardboard jewelry boxes contain sulfur, which can tarnish the metal.

-Each order includes a polishing pad. When polishing, do not polish on blackened areas as this will remove the patina.